Our Services

One-stop Licensing Consultation

One stop service includes:

  • Provision of site suitability assessment before confirmation on rental agreement.
  • Preparation of floor plan, ventilation plan, drainage, fire services, E&M plans & etc.
  • Preparation of relevant tender documents.
  • Assisting client to complete all the formalities.
  • Monitoring contractor’s fitting out progress.
  • Answering government officers’ enquiries during inspection.

On behalf of client, apply for

  • General Restaurant Licence
  • Light Refreshment Restaurant Licence
  • Food Factory Licence
  • Bakery Licence
  • Factory Canteen Licence
  • Fresh Provision Shop Licence
  • Frozen confection Factory Licence
  • Siu Mei & Lo Mei Shop Licence
  • Food Permits
  • Certificate of Compliance of Club Establishment
  • Liquor Licence and Club Liquor Licence
  • Karaoke Establishment Permit and others

Site Inspection

We offer a free round-the-clock site assessment service to decide the suitability of the premises from licensing point of view.


According to operators’ business concept, design and draw up design plans.

After sales services

After the issue of licence, we will offer free charge enquiry service in related to the food legislations and standing policy of the relevant government departments pertaining to food business. When minor maintenance problems arrive at the dining premises, we can arrange repair work upon client’s request.

Issue of Certificates

  • Certificates certified by Registered Structural Engineer(RSE) and/or Authorized Person(AP),
  • Fire Installations Certificates(FS251、314A),
  • Work Safety Certificate regarding electrical installations(WR1),
  • Certificates of Compliance and Completion regarding gas installations,
  • Annual certificates regarding ventilation and fire services installations,
  • Certificate regarding no unauthorized building works(UBW1 and UBW2)